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How to marry an inmate

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Is it your desire to marry someone that is incarcerated in the following counties:  Riverside, San Bernardino, LosAngeles, Orange, or Ventura, counties?  Do you need the Inability to Appear affidavit notarized?  Does the marriage jail process confuse you? 

If so, The Doc Xpert - 951-468-8056 and her notary colleagues can help your dreams come true.  We provide notary and ceremony service for jail marriages to the following jails:  Southwest Detention Center, Robert Presley, Glen Helen Regional, Larry D. Smith Correctional, and West Valley Detention Center.  We can notarize the necessary paperwork and put you in contact with a minister to complete your ceremony.  We also have notary agents that provide service to detention centers located in the Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura jails.  Click here if you would like information from the Los Angeles County clerk website.  

Listed below are the necessary steps to start your journey toward wedded bliss.

An "Inability to Appear" package can be obtained from the County Recorder or I create a package and bring it to you upon appointment date.  

  • This package consists of the "Procedures for obtaining a marriage license when one party is unable to appear", the"Affidavit of Inability to Appear..." and the "Marriage LicenseApplication."
  • The notary will have the incarcerated person sign both the affidavit of inability to appear form and the marriage license application alongwith completing a notary certificate, which is the Jurat, to be attached to those signed documents
  • After notarization, the bride or groom, and the officiant must appear together at the County Recorder with all 3 valid identifications and the inability to appear form, the marriage license application and the completed and notarized Jurat form. 
  • Before the County Recorder will issue a marriage license, they require three (3)identifications.  These identifications will be from the bride, groom and the officiant who will be performing the wedding ceremony.  The identification must be valid, an original and in good condition.  The request for the marriage license is processed and if there are no problems, the license fees are paid and the marriage license is issued the same day, provided you are there at least 1 to 2 hours before the County Recorder closes for the day.

Note:  Acceptable photo  identification are: 

Driver's License

State Identification Card (In California, this card is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Identification cards issued by other states may be issued by an agency or department other than their Department of Motor Vehicles)

Military Service or Military Dependent Identification Card

Naturalization Certificate


Alien Registration Card (Form 1551 aka Green Card)

Identification Card issued by the US Government or Identification Card issued by another country

Matricula Consular Status (if all of required information is on card)

  • Now that you have your marriage license, you can choose your dates and follow the facilities procedures for "inmate weddings".
  • After being approved, notify the officiant of the date, time and facility that you would like the wedding ceremony to take place.  The officiant will show up at the facility on the date and time you have chosen and perform your wedding ceremony.  The wedding ceremony usually takes place during normal visiting hours through glass.
  • After the ceremony, the officiant will complete the wedding license and file it with the County Recorder. After the filing of your marriagelicense/certificate, a certified copy of your marriage license/certification can be obtained after 6 to 8 weeks of the filing.  Expedited service of your license/certificate is available through Express Mail. This request must be made at the same time the marriage license/certificate isbeing turned in to the County Recorder by the officiant. 

So, if you would like to start the steps to getting married, give us a call at 951-468.8056.  We would love to assist you.





Notary Service to Local Jails

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Is your family member or friend incarcerated ?  Do you need a legal document such as a (POA) power of attorney, inability to appear, or a bill of sale notarized?  

Do you need assistance arranging a marriage to an inmate? Call The Doc Xpert.  We will handle your request painlessly and with ease!  

We provide service to all of the following detention centers:  Southwest Detention Center, Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, Glen Helen Regional Center, Robert Presley Detention Center, West Valley Detention Center. 

Notary agents are available to Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties.

Service is available 24/7 and on short notice.  Give us a call, we’d love to assist you.